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David Yurman Bridal Collection

A classic diamond can still be modern. If you’re not the simple solitaire type, turn to the creators of your favorite fashionable baubles for a little razzle dazzle.

David Yurman recently introduced a collection of 10 diamond engagement rings featuring the designer’s signature iconic cable and crossover bands. Contemporary round and oval cuts, set in platinum or 18k yellow gold, pair perfectly with classically understated wedding bands in cable, chain or smooth patterns. To really make a splash check out Yurman’s new signature piece, an exclusive cushion-cut diamond available in all of the ring styles. Add a hopelessly romantic bridal necklace or earrings inspired by dazzling gemstones to flawlessly complete your bejeweled wedding-day look.

It’s a ring thing.


A Nice Ring To It

Fine Bridal Jewels by Megan Thorne

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but many of those pals look pretty similar. Princess cut, platinum, pave or pear shaped…after awhile, it’s all just a sea of sparkle.

Why not dare to be different. The collection of engagement and wedding rings from fashion designer-turned-jewelry designer Megan Thorne is uniquely regal and romantic. Inspired by everything from architecture to ancient mythology, the jewels range from clean but ornate to refined and organic. Her trellis studded bands may remind you of a stroll in the most dazzling garden, while the picture frame ring is reminiscent of a masterful oil painting. Thorne follows in the footsteps of old-world jewelers, finishing and personalizing each lovely piece by hand to ensure your ring is an individual.

Let your finger do the talking.


Rings True

Sapphire Engagement Rings by Karen Karch

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but sapphires are her sweetheart. After all, the brilliant blue gemstone signifies sincerity and faithfulness. How apropos.

A proposal with the same old solitaire is so predictable. But the collection of sapphire engagement rings from ultra-chic NYC jeweler Karen Karch is piercingly pretty and inspiringly unique. Flanked by colorless diamonds and set in hand-textured platinum, these semi-precious jewels feel both modern and majestic, and will sparkle ever so subtly on a certain finger.

What a rock star.