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Wrist Watch

Lovely Linen Wrist Corsages by EmersonMade

While corsages may remind you of a 1950s prom, they also lend an old-fashioned charm to your wedding. But instead of roses that wilt by midnight, give VIP guests a wither-free version. The custom linen flower corsages from EmersonMade look enough like the real thing, and make a perfectly preserved keepsake to wear again.

To create your unique Adore or Kiss corsages, EmersonMade’s husband-and-wife team carefully sculpts, stitches and dyes each linen bloom by hand. The shabby-chic arrangement of cloth flowers features a felt back and pin so it can be re-worn. Want more for your wedding? The company also creates a potpourri of perfect blooms for ring pillows, hair accessories, sashes and shoes.

It will be a hit – faux sure.


Get Pinned

Vintage Costume Jewelry by Carole Tanenbaum

You may think pins are passe, but consider breathing new life into an antique brooch by placing it on the stem of your bouquet. Not only will it add a bit of dazzle to your dahlias, it makes the perfect memento well after your flowers have wilted.

If Grandma hasn’t passed down one of her heirlooms, get your own from Carole Tanenbaum’s line of vintage costume jewelry. A large domed pearl pin or diamante wreath looks equally lovely on your bouquet as it will later on your cashmere cardigan. The collection includes designer stamped, limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces perfect for a bride.

It’ll stick with you.


Sitting Pretty

Giftable Bud Vases by Nine Iron Studios

A rose is still a rose…unless it’s displayed in a particularly precious vase.

For future flower deliveries, add the perfect bud vase or two to your wedding wish list. Nine Iron Studios, a small company in West Grove, PA operated by glass artist Michael Schunke, creates hand-blown bottles, pitchers and goblets in the most glorious colors (available at Barneys and Bloomies, or order directly). Splurge on a delicate vase for your maid of honor’s thank-you gift  or favorite friend’s bridal shower present. Each piece is an exquisite work of art that will brighten up any room.

Very glassy.


Flora and Fawn

Signature Flowers by David Beahm for Flora2000

Flowers, por moi? After fixating on freesia and lilies for your bridal bouquet, you’ve got blooms on the brain. Why not send mums to your mum, peonies to your precious bridesmaids or dahlias to your darling wedding planner.

For an enchanted special delivery, click over to top event designer David Beahm’s new signature collection for Flora2000. Twenty arrangements of the most breathtaking flowers are absolutely dreamy: Rare Cherry Brandy roses and Black Magic Vanda orchids are love at first sight. Each one comes in an artful keepsake – a ceramic fruit bowl, a Lismore vase – that you’ll gladly use again. Beahm used special people in his life as inspiration for each creation, which makes it an even more thoughtful gift.

It’s true genus.