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Lounge Act

Bamjamz Chic Sleepwear

If you haven’t experienced it already, be prepared for the awkwardness of sleeping over at the in-laws for the first time. While you don’t want to shuffle down to breakfast in a nightie, your poodle-print pajamas don’t exactly scream “future daughter-in-law,” either.

Get comfy in Bamjamz loungewear, made of super-soft organic bamboo cotton spandex that looks stylish while you snuggle up. Fitted tunics, boyfriend tees, leggings, yoga pants and hoodies come in a chic muted palette of black, grey and pink that’s easy to mix and match for bedtime or brunch (some adorned with butterflies and lotus flowers to make you even more relaxed). The Canadian lifestyle brand recently launched in the U.S., and is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. Your fiance’s pop will feel relieved by not seeing you in your skivvies, and his mom will note your keen fashion sense (hint: pick up a set for her too, and you’ll really be in good graces).

Sleep tight.

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Fit to the Core

Core Fusion’s Hardcore Pre-Wedding Workout

Wedding dress (and the subsequent honeymoon bikini) boot camp has begun. But every workout you’ve tried just isn’t giving you the long and lean look you envision.

We’ve found the most kick-ass class, quite literally, in Core Fusion. This signature workout at Exhale Spa (locations in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Miami, LA, Dallas and Turks & Caicos) is based on the famous Lotte Berk Method and Pilates to strengthen and stretch every muscle you can imagine (picture a long ballet barre and lots and lots of squats). Twists on the original Core Fusion class, featuring yoga, cardio and weights, each discreetly shock your body into top shape—the future hubs may even join you. Classes are upbeat, fun and inspirational, not to mention there’s the added benefit of Exhale’s oasis-like aura (very VIP without the attitude) and post-workout massages.

It’s no sweat.