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A Better Toilette

Seductive Scented Wedding Candles by Maura Peters

Champagne bar in the powder room? Your guests may never leave the loo. But an unforgettable wedding plays up every little detail, even a quick trip to the ladies’.

Heighten their senses with tall fragrant candles by Maura Peters. The warm white pillars are pleasantly perfumed with everything from orange jasmine to apricot fig. Hand-poured into a reusable blown glass vase, they make the perfect vanity table accompaniment as guests primp and preen. Or, add heat to your honeymoon suite with a few well-placed travel candles.

Call it good scents.


Dress Up Your Drink

Cholive’s Rich Chocolate Cocktail Truffles

An engagement celebration calls for a special concoction, not a naked cocktail.

Accessorize your aperitif with a Cholive. No, it’s not a chocolate-covered olive. These cute bite-sized confections are olive-shaped truffles filled with rich whole cream ganache. Instead of the typical maraschino cherry or lemon twist, garnish a signature martini or dessert wine with this yummy cocktail chocolate that brings out the nuances of each sip.

Straight up, extra Cholives.


Froth Yourself

Potent Pisco Sour Speciality Cocktails

A mojito bar sounds original, until your BFF does the same at her wedding. Festive signature cocktails are all the rage, but there’s a fine line between unique and uber trendy.

Spice up your reception with celebratory pisco sours, potent Peruvian cocktails made with pisco liqueur, lime juice, egg whites and sugar. Mixed with Macchu Pisco, a premium grape-based spirit, this lively libation is sure to light up the dance floor and crowd the bar. Currently going through a bit of a renaissance, it’s the perfect mix of sweet and tart. Guests will sip, socialize and speak volumes of your intoxicating originality.

We’ll drink to that.


Well Polished

Essential Bridal Nail Polish Collection by Essie

Perfection is the beauty goal of any bride, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Not a tendril out of place, not a mascara smudge in sight. And of course, a manicure in the color flawless.

As if Essie didn’t already have enough obsession-worthy shades, a new wedding collection introduces six nail polishes created to complement the special day. From the chic and creamy white Walk Down the Aisle to the shimmering lilac Main Squeeze, the palette hits every note from sweet to sultry. Available in April, these instant classics are sure to debut at a salon near you.

Keep one handy.


Rings True

Sapphire Engagement Rings by Karen Karch

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but sapphires are her sweetheart. After all, the brilliant blue gemstone signifies sincerity and faithfulness. How apropos.

A proposal with the same old solitaire is so predictable. But the collection of sapphire engagement rings from ultra-chic NYC jeweler Karen Karch is piercingly pretty and inspiringly unique. Flanked by colorless diamonds and set in hand-textured platinum, these semi-precious jewels feel both modern and majestic, and will sparkle ever so subtly on a certain finger.

What a rock star.